Sunday, March 13, 2016

what would a current HIV or LGBT agenda look like?

People deservedly criticized Hillary Clinton for her false historical statement about Reagan and HIV/AIDS.  That referred to HIV issues of the 80s.  Below are some very quick topics I came up with about what current HIV and LGBT issues would be.  Any other suggestions?

The topics are listed in no particular order.

What would a 2016 HIV agenda look like
HIV Criminalization
Intersectionality, high rates of infection of African American gay, bi, and other men who have sex with men
Extortionist prices for pharmaceuticals  (and the reliance of the LGBT press on pharmaceutical ads)
Culture (gay by men, same gender loving, two spirit, transgender women ) vs just-the-facts Behavior (men who have sex with men)
(there must be an issue related to bio-women, but I can’t think of it, my blind spot)
Decriminalizing sex work
Harm reduction/decriminalization drug policy
Other ideas?
What would a 2016 lgbt agenda look like?
(all the HIV issues)
The invisibility of the non-coupled and how that related to poverty  A correction to the mono- and romanticist focus on same marriage of the last decade (As it costs more to live alone, poverty levels could be higher among the non-coupled)
Limitations of ENDA (exemptions for religious reasons, lack of protection against “gate-keeper” discrimination, its focus on individual actions)
Standardizing collection of Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity data including on the US census (this would allow comparisons of a company’s employees with census figures to show patterns of anti-LGBT discrimination)
Barring employers, landlords from using Facebook, internet searches in  hiring or renting decisions (this includes defending sexting )
Barring employers, landlords from considering tattoos and other body modification in hiring /renting decisions
Other ideas?

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